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The Importance of “Me Time”| 5 Favorite Quality “Me Time” Activities

New moms can often get overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done on the day to day. Between juggling work, the baby, the dogs, and/or the husband; most of the time something has to give, and usually it’s the little time moms have for themselves.

It is so important that moms carve quality time for themselves after having a baby, the social, chemical, and psychological changes that are associated with having a child can cause serious issues. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “as many as 50 to 75 percent of new mothers experience the “baby blues” after delivery. Up to 15 percent of these women will develop a more severe postpartum depression”. Carving out an hour a week for yourself can reduce the long-lasting effects of the baby blues and decrease the chances of baby blues turning into postpartum depression.

When Melo was first born, I hardly had any time for myself, I was so stressed. I was that mom who felt like leaving the baby alone (even if she was left with trusted people like her dad) meant I was a bad mom. It wasn’t until I started to have feelings of sadness that I realized that I was not doing enough for me. In order for me to be great for Melo, I needed to make sure I was mentally stable. Today, when Ron and I write out our weekly schedule (yes we are that couple), we both make it a priority to incorporate “Me Time” into our calendars.

Below are my simple and favorite me time activities:

Going for a walk/Run

If you know me, you know I LOVE nature. If you follow my photography page here @jeanslense, Ron and I often find nature trails throughout the city and take in the scenery. Walking or running outside is so relaxing for me. The feeling of the wind brushing against my cheeks, the smell of fresh air, its the cheapest and most relaxing activity that helps me clear my mind on any given day.

Working Out

Because lifting weight makes me feel empowered.

Going to the Nail Salon

The simple pleasure of going to the nail salon, sitting at the massaging pedicure chair, and dozing off. Simple indulgence taken for granted

Go shopping/window shopping

Whether you’re going shopping or window shopper, they don’t call it retail therapy for anything.

Taking a nap

This was the hardest thing for me to do. Hearing the phrase “When the baby sleeps you sleep” was so annoying. Every-time I heard it, I wanted to shove the person's face into a wall. Looking back, that was actually a bit of good advice! Carving out time to take a nap...like a nice 30min to 1hour nap… OMG, the most satisfying thing ever. Great recharge.

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