• G.C. Lafleur

Do We Really Have Time To Raise Kids?

Raising children is a luxury that we take for granted

During a conference call last week, a man from our European team was trying to speak but could barely deliver one word because he kept getting interrupted by his son yelling "Papa, Papa". At some point during the call, we hear a loud clamor from his son shouting vehemently. He yells something in a foreign language, then hurriedly off the call placing us on mute. He came back on the call and explained that his youngest son just took his first step and the oldest son was trying to get his attention.

During lunch, I met Ron in the kitchen and explained to him the event that took place. I told him, as challenging as caring for Melo and working from home has been, I'm really enjoying these moments. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown so many cracks in our society, but one thing that it has shed light on is the lack of time parents actually have with their children. After that call, I really contemplated on how much time did I actually have with Melo on a regular day? I could only think of the weekends and maybe the hour before putting her to bed. Melo was 4 months at the start of the quarantine, this time has allowed us to witness and share so many milestones of her early childhood development that would have been missed. We've watched her sit up, start babbling, crawling, standing, take her first solid meal, and now here we are at 7 months, she's crawling up the stairs and her babbles are actually starting to sound like they mean something.

Before the quarantine, my typical day started with rushing to get Melo ready for daycare, taking the dogs out, and making sure there was enough time left to get myself ready. The only time I had for Melo in our morning routine was our hour-long car ride to the daycare, in which that time she would typically be asleep. After work, we’d follow a similar schedule, by the time I’d pick her from daycare and get home, she would have an hour or two of playtime, before we would start getting her ready for bed. This reminds me of the KevOnStage video "Y'all really raise kids after work?". In this comedic video, Kev depicts the struggles that working parents endure to raise their children after work, from homework to preparing dinner, discipline to preparing them for sleep. It really make you question, when do we really have time to raise the kids? Melo is still a baby, I can only imagine how challenging it will become as she ages.

This quarantine has allowed me to slow my pace and reevaluate life and its importance.

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