• G.C. Lafleur

Boys to Men | God Please Keep Them Safe

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

“It was civil disobedience that won them their civil rights.” ― Tariq Ali
Bryan Collier from his book "I, Too, Am America"

I can't watch any videos. I refuse! I’ll relay the message but I can't repost the videos. I can't imagine my last breath or that of my father, brothers, nephews, or husband to be recorded and displayed as a spectacle to fuel someone's agenda; be it positive or negative.

My heart weeps. I have no clue what to do. I am truly scared. I give a prayer every morning and night thanking God that the men in my family are safe; that the boys in my family are ok.

Living in a society where a man can go into a church prayer group and gun down 9 people, then get chauffeured to Burger King. A society where being black and wearing a hoodie deems you as a threat. A society where being black and saying I can’t breathe while handcuffed is considered resisting arrest. A society where having fireworks scare a white man’s dog leads to having your life taken in front of your son. A society where marching with torches and actually killing someone is a protest but kneeling is a threat to America. Should I continue?

I cry.

So often I feel like the strangers that are getting murdered are just strangers. Until it hits close to home. Until that stranger becomes a cousin, family friend, or an in-law. Then that stranger is no longer a stranger: That stranger becomes family.

How can I keep them safe? They are good boys, boys to become men. God please keep them safe.

What incriminating photos from their past will society find? How will society try to rewrite their history? God please keep them safe.

How can I feel comfortable welcoming a child into this world? A beautiful baby with a combination of mocha chocolate complexion. A beautiful baby trying to live life, play, and be a normal kid, but will society ever truly view that baby as a normal kid or a future threat? God please keep them safe.

I know society will change. I have to keep my faith that it will change, it has to change.

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