Hi love,

Thank you so much for finding my blog! My name is Gina, I currently live in Tampa, FL with my husband Ron, our baby girl Melody (Melo), and our Fur Babies Yoki and Brooklyn. This site is an outlet to help me share my personal experiences, thoughts, and help uplift and inspire those who may be going through the same experience.


Motherhood has been a crazy roller coaster ride. Everyday comes with new turns, curves, and loops, I'm enjoying every moment. I’ve met so many amazing women along the way. Listening to their individual experiences and journeys has taught me that I am not alone. On top of that, balancing being a wife and a full-time professional working in a man's world is an added stressor. I hope you feel encouraged and inspired as I share a glimpse of my world with you and know that you are not alone!

Love yall much,

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